You Won’t Believe How This Guys Surprised His Dad

Angry Grandpa

If you do not already know who Angry Grandpa is, simply head over to YouTube and you will find his channel where he has about 3 million subscribers. His videos mostly show him getting mad about random things or smashing furniture hence the moniker Angry Grandpa.

Angry Grandpa, Charles Green Jr. in real life, is known for his tough demeanor. What his followers may not notice is the tender-hearted father safely hidden underneath the growling mask.

Angry Grandpa or simply called AGP often gets pranked by his son, Michael, and Bridgette, his son’s girlfriend. But sometimes he gets back at Michael whenever Bridgette gives him a tip. Little did he know, he was about to get the sweetest surprise of his life.

On the 10th of July 2015, Michael asked AGP to go with him. They will be inspecting a house that he apparently wanted to buy for himself. AGP went along with Bridgette tagging along. Angry Grandpa has been living in a trailer park himself but seemed excited that Michael was getting a house on his own.

As they went around the rooms of the house, Angry Grandpa kept exclaiming at how big and nice the house is. Michael eventually confesses that they are not really searching a house for themselves to which Angry Grandpa annoyingly asks, “Then what the hell are we doing here?”

Michael pops out a key and tells his father, “We are searching for a house for you.” Angry Grandpa breaks down in tears and complete disbelief while repeatedly saying that he did not deserve it.

Angry Grandpa buries his face on his son’s shoulder while crying heavily. The tough Grandpa in between sobbing says “I love you, son.” And well, we are more than sure that he has everyone crying with him at this point.

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