What This Mom Did to Support the LGBTQ Community Will Restore Faith in Humanity

Lexi Magnusson lights display publicly shows her support for the LGBTQ community.

Mom Decorates Yard With Rainbow Lights

Lexi Magnusson, a mother from Washington, wanted to show her support to the LGBTQ community, so she had a wonderful idea. She got hold of 10 thousand Christmas lights and decorated her front yard with a Rainbow Flag.

The story behind the idea started when Lexi left the Mormon Church because she disagreed with its views on homosexuality. Not long after that, her new neighbors moved in.

One day, while Lexi and her husband were on the front lawn the mom of the family that had moved next door stop by to introduce herself. She and her family were also Mormons, but their views about homosexuality were quite different as Lexi explains:

“Basically she told us she moved here to get her children away from the gays.”

Lexi felt she had to listen to her new neighbor, but she politely reminded her that LGBTQ people are everywhere. That their kids are already exposed to it and that this is a good thing. As you can imagine, Lexi’s new neighbor was not impressed. The conversation ended shortly after and they haven’t spoken since.

The whole deal with her neighbor and more recent incidents, including the presidential election results struck a cord with Lexi. And with Christmas coming up, she had the idea to express herself and support the LGBTQ community publicly.

Mom Decorates Yard With Rainbow Lights

Suddenly a witty idea had emerged, Lexi’s beautiful act of support speaks for itself as her Rainbow Flag light up her front yard. The shining display got people talking about it. Over 14 thousand people have liked and shared her story on social media. Lexi’s message of love and respect for others come at a time where little gestures such as this one are very much welcome.

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