What These Students Did to Surprise Their Classmate Will Make You Tear Up

Christmas is all around us, and the proof is this sweet video of high school students surprising classmate with lovely Christmas presents.

Students Presenting a Classmate With His Favorite Shoes Goes Viral

Imagine having to use shoes three sizes smaller than your feet. Now imagine having to go to school every day wearing this same shoes. As one can imagine this is not a very comfortable situation. Nonetheless, it was JR Gilbert’s situation for a long time.

When classmates Roger Villegas, Salvador Solis, and Martin Ramos found out that Gilbert was squeezing his size13 feet in a size 10 shoes they decided to step in and take action. They plan the surprise and asked other students to help too. Everyone chipped in to buy two pairs of shoes to their classmate. They recorded the opening of the presents and the video went viral for obvious reasons.

Students Presenting a Classmate With His Favorite Shoes Goes Viral

Over 5 million people have watched the video at Somerset Independent School District’s Facebook page, so it is not surprising that the video also hit the news and melted everybody’s hearts. In the video you can hear Roger Villegas saying:

“It’s from all of us. Everybody here gave them to you.”

Gilbert’s reaction is priceless, but we won’t spoil it for you, watch the video below and see it for yourself. Make sure you have some tissues at hand.

This is what Christmas is all about, don’t you agree? Making people happy and inspiring others. Let’s hope that their act of kindness will encourage people to do the same. So take action too, you can start by sharing this post to help bring more visibility to this sweet story.

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