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Transformers: Age of Extinction is on Fire

The latest instalment of the Transformers series is out and this high-budget action movie has already created a buzz. People have been looking forward to see it since way back in 2011 when Transformers: Dark of the Moon was released. Michael Bay who is the director had made a statement back then that Dark of the Moon would be the final Transformer movie but Hasbro’s CEO did not like that idea so it was decided that the series would go on, just not under the direction of Michael Bay. Do not be surprised to also not find Shia Labeouf in the Age of Extinction, and for all those expecting to find Megan Fox, well, the dream is over, she’s not there. On this new version, is about robots that transform into the coolest cars on the face of the planet, yes it’s all about the Autobots. This is the Transformer movie where Optimus Prime is really the man of the hour.

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