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Tips to Improve Your Mobile Website

Mobile Website Design

With the amount of online business people conduct through their phones these days, it is difficult to justify not having a mobile version of your business’ website. A mobile website is not a separate entity, but more of an extension of your original website. An effective one will bring you repeat customers and allow people to conduct business with your company no matter where they are. Whether you need to create a mobile website in the first place or you are not happy with the one you currently have, there are tips to keep in mind that will help you design a better mobile web outlet.

Realize Its Potential

According to Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook recorded 15 percent of its users relying solely on a mobile device to sign on to the website. This does not even begin to cover the amount of people using a mobile device at least some of the time to access the site. By designing a quality mobile website, you are looking at a way to satisfy almost three-quarters of your audience, while constantly attracting new users.

Obviously, a mobile website will not do much for you if you make it an afterthought. People who come across your website on their phones and find it to be a miniature version of the regular website will likely have difficulty navigating. Causing users difficulty will lose you business very quickly. To increase your business, you need to put in the effort to create the best mobile website that you possibly can. The work you put in will largely affect the results.

Switch to Custom

When you first created a mobile website, you likely did not know much about cell phone website programming. Many business owners went with pre-designed templates just to make life easier. These templates are often heavily flawed and not aesthetically anything special to look at. To improve your mobile website, switch to a custom style sheet for mobile devices.

This will require more money and more knowhow, but it is well worth the investment. If web design just is not your thing, hire someone to help you create your mobile web layout. Online business involves different factors than traditional business, so it makes sense that you might have to employ people for these different jobs created by the online sphere. The point is to get a customized website, not a cookie-cutter template. This will also work magic on your search engine optimization if you implement a quality design.


Most people can appreciate the feeling of moving around furniture when it has remained in the same place for a long time. If you have a mobile website that is growing stale, do an overhaul on the layout and try rearranging everything more efficiently. This is easier said than done, as you certainly know how small phone screens can be. You need a layout that people can read and use, but you need multiple links on each page.

It may be beneficial to you in the end to hire someone to help with your mobile design. Every business medium requires certain design elements, and mobile web design takes some serious arrangement skills. Once your site is easier to use, you will almost certainly notice an increase in traffic.

A quality mobile website looks highly professional and encourages people to visit your site more often. Phones are becoming more and more sophisticated, so it would be safe to assume that people will continue to rely on them for Internet transactions. Evolving the design of your mobile website to make it more usable will open your company up to a broader audience of new customers.

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