This Simple and Sweet Love Story Will Make Your Heart Melt

Sometimes we need to listen with your hearts, see between the lines and learn from scratch to find ourselves, to find love.

Kismet Diner Laura Singing

Created by Cornetto, this heartwarming short film called “Kismet Diner” features beautiful songs from Lotte Mullan and showcase a sweet love story between a young waitress named Laura and a regular customer from the diner where she works.

Kismet Diner Love Story   Kismet Diner Laura Learning Sign Language

The film explores the fact we are all different, sometimes because of our tastes, opinions, and personal beliefs. But also, because each and every one of us sees and hears differently too. It is frustrating when you try to reach someone, and despite all your efforts, nothing changes it.

Kismet Diner Final Song

Nonetheless, when you discover what makes another person different you will understand what needs to be done.  That will be the key to make yourself heard; although it is not without sacrifice, life is simple but yet full of obstacles. It all goes down to having the will to make yourself heard and face all that life throws at you.

This sweet film reminds us that despite the sacrifices, life is worth living; in other words, the light at the end of the tunnel is worth pursuing. Wake up, smell the bacon and start pursuing what you want, don’t think about the hardship, instead, keep your eyes fixed on the prize and don’t look back.

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