This Short Animation Will Teach the Consequences of Leaving Your Queue

Stay in Queu Animation by Ferdinand Lutz

If you have ever had to wait in any kind of line in an office, market or the road, you’ve felt the indecision that can come when a line other than yours starts to move a little bit faster. Do you head over to another lane or line? What if someone cuts in before you – and what if your line speeds up after you swap?

This short film by Ferdinand Lutz – which received first prize at the Kurzfilmspiele film festival in Germany in 2008 – demonstrates what can happen if you decide to duck out of a queue just because it looks like another line or lane is speeding by faster than yours. Patience and commitment can pay off! Especially when you can’t be certain of a quicker result from a move: after all, even if your line still moves slower, at least you’ll know where you stand.

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