Allegro Christmas Commercial


This Polish Christmas Advert is Melting Everybody’s Heart

‘What are you looking for at Christmas?’ is the beautiful tale of a sweet Polish man on a mission to learn English.

A Polish Christmas advert for an auction website has reached over 10 million people on social media and melted everybody’s heart in the process. Allegro’s ad, called ‘What are you looking for at Christmas? English for beginners’, tells the story of a Polish man learning to speak English for a very special reason.

Allegro Christmas CommercialThe adorable Christmas film shows a funny-looking elderly man learning to speak English, stumbling a few times with pronouns and going through some funny situations, such as saying out loud ‘I love you. You are perfect’ while on a bus and surprising the women sitting next to him.

Allegro Christmas Commercial

He proceeds to fill his home with sticky notes and repeating everything he listens in English with a very positive attitude. The audience then watches him purchasing a suitcase and embarking on a plane, and I must say that the ending will make you cry so have some tissues at hand.

Seriously, just writing these lines makes me tear up, the whole ad is heartwarming; it connects with people across the globe as it tells a very real story, and makes an important point about love in between people from different cultures.

The advert comes at a time where families with mixed race moms and dads are still perceived differently and strongly supports love in between people from different countries and up brings in a very subtle way. Luckily its message will widen the views of some people and open their hearts.

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