This Little Boy Can’t Believe That Mickey and Minnie Know Sign Language

Phoenix with Pluto Minnie and Mickey

A three-year-old boy has had the time of his life while visiting Disneyland with his new family. Phoenix Fox was born mostly deaf and communicates through sign language, so imagine his surprise when he was able to communicate with Minnie and Mickey.

He was over the moon with excitement as you can see in the video below. Luckily for us, the whole experience was caught on camera. Olive Crest, the adoption agency that facilitated the Fox family’s adoption of Phoenix, recorded the encounter and posted on social media.

Fox Family

In the video, the Disney characters, who had a little help from a translator, were able to sign “It’s nice to meet you” and “I love you”. Phoenix was so happy that he hugged Minie.

He surprised his parents and Katie Takeshita, a social worker from Olive Crest that was present that day. Katie later explained that Phoenix is not very fond of strangers:

“He is very attached to his parents and prefers to be with them at almost all times. But it is clear that he felt connected and accepted by the characters when they communicate with him in the way that he communicates.”

The dream-like experience was also very special for the Fox family. Chantel and her husband Sean said that since they adopted Phoenix, the entire family is learning to sign. They know how important is for the 3-year-old to communicate so they understand how touching the encounter was for Phoenix.

As parents, Chantel and Sean wish that other children with hearing loss could experience the same sensation. They would like to see sign language used more often. In particular near kids, so they can feel included and able to participate in conversations around them.

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