This Happy Ending Story of a Baby Hippo Found All Alone in Zambia Will Make You Tear Up

Douglas the Abandoned Baby Hippo

Volunteers in Zambia found a deserted baby Hippo of nearly two weeks old. The baby was all alone and in a pretty bad shape so they took him to the Conservation Lower Zambezi. CLZ is an organization where people devote their time to the conservation of the natural resources in the Lower Zambezi National Park.

The little one stayed in the non-profit for three months. Once strong and healthy the volunteers arrange for his transfer to the Chipembele Wildlife Education Trust. And with the help of Proflight Zambia, the baby hippo is finally at home.

Douglas the Abandoned Baby Hippo

Douglas the Abandoned Baby Hippo

Watch the sweet video below and fall in love with Douglas’ story:

The youngster is now well at his new residence, and after a funny misunderstanding regarding his gender it is confirmed by Chipembele Wildlife Education Trust that the baby is a male hippopotamus:

“Several vets and conservation people thought he was a she. So, Douglas became ‘Douglina’ instead. Three months from the time ‘she’ came to Chipembele, Douglina had an amorous encounter with a water barrel, it was very evident that boy bits were involved… So Douglina is once again and permanently ‘Douglas’.”

After having a bumpy start to his life Douglas is well and growing. He befriended two local dogs Coco and Molly, which may appear to be an odd friendship for a hippo. But that doesn’t matter for Douglas. He is a happy hippo now.

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