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This Guy Used his Dentist’s Equipment to Cover “Can’t Feel My Face”

Andrew Huang Sings Can't Feel my Face

If you haven’t heard of Andrew Huang yet, this is a great introduction to his amazing talent of creating music out of everyday objects. Andrew can make music out of absolutely anything, even the equipment you would find in your local dentist clinic.

This is exactly what he have done with the cover of  “Can’t Feel My Face” by The Weeknd—which is the closest artist to Michael Jackson you will ever see—and this is the type of cover you will listen again and again, each time trying to figure out how does Andrew make this happen.

It’s even more amazing to think that he did that out of his own local dentist clinic—yes, the one he goes to on a regular basis—and not some sort of special studio with professional-level equipment. This is real, from start to end, every second, all made with instruments he found right there.

If you have never heard the original by the Weeknd, check it out:

Andrew is well-known for creating covers out of drills, glasses, shoes, brushes, and pretty much you could find by looking around in your house. If you haven’t yet, you should subscribe to his YouTube channel to find some even more amazing covers.

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