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This 80-year-old Chinese Wise Man have the Secret to Reach Your Dreams

Deshun Wang has gone from being a Beijing drifter to an overnight success story as the world’s oldest super models.

Deshun Wang Fiercest in the Catwalk

“I’m too sexy for my cane, too sexy for my walker, too sexy for my…”. You can’t help but hear the classic 90s song from Right Said Fred playing in the back of your mind while seeing Grandpa on the Catwalk.

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It’s quite funny how people think their life close to the end when they hit 50? So, what about 80? Deshun Wang (born in 1936, Shenyang, China) took the internet by storm at 79 by doing a shirtless catwalk at the China Fashion Week last year. He proved to the world that you are never too old to make your dreams come true.

Deshun Wang Fiercest in the Catwalk
Deshun Wang is the Fiercest in the Catwalk

He now has his own unique rags to riches story, going from being a Beijing drifter to becoming an overnight success as the world’s oldest super models.

Now it’s not as easy as just showing up on the runway. The story of Deshun Wang took half a century to unfold. As Deshun reminds us, it still takes preparation and an opportunity to create that lucky event that changes everything. When you consider that he didn’t enter the gym until he was 50, some new hope arrives for those struggling with age as a limitation.

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Deshun is a modern day Confucius with a typical wise-man look and childish charisma. Deshun now motivates others to take action and achieve their dreams by using his own life as an example and stating that, “when you think it’s too late, don’t let that be your excuse for giving up.”

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