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This 10-Year-Old Genius Invented a Gadget that Prevents Babies from Dying in Hot Cars

Bishop Curry Talks About his New Invention
Bishop Curry Talks About his New Invention.

This 10-year-old boy from Texas has created a device to put a stop on babies dying in hot cars. Bishop Curry is a fifth grader and has always been a curious young man, so when a baby in his hometown died after being left behind in a minivan, he was inspired to do something about it.

He created Oasis, a device that you attach on top of baby chairs and it recognizes when a child is left alone in a hot car. The device then alerts the parents, local authorities and at the same time blows cold air at the babies’ head while help is on its way.

Bishop has a 3D prototype and an intellectual patent, but Oasis is still under development. He is hoping to get his product up and running as soon as possible, so his dad created a GoFundMe page to raise the necessary funds, as he explains:

“Twenty thousand dollars will get us a formal patent and then it will also take us into the prototype production.”

Bishop’s father, who is an engineer at Toyota, told the company about the life-saving device his son has invented and the Company decided to arrange for both of them to attend the Center for Child Injury Prevention Conference. A great opportunity for the 10-year-old to pitch his idea to car seat manufacturers.

Oasis has a long journey to production, but you can help Bishop stop hot car deaths. Your donation will bring this incredible idea closer to becoming a reality.

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