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The Weight is Over with this Walking Treadmill Desk by TrekDesk

The Weight is Over with this Walking Treadmill Desk by TrekDesk

I consider myself a creative type, and not only because I’m designer by trade as I’m usually filling my mind with some really odd ideas, according to my wife, but I must admit that

I would never think of such thing: a treadmill desk! This is a brilliant idea, how no one else has thought of that before, what an odd combination!

TrekDesk Tredmill in Details

1. Accessory slots.
2. Large, scratch-resistant work surface (72″ X 34″).
3. Beveled edges for comfort and appearance.
4. Numbered and adjustable desk height settings.
5. Durable metal base support system.
6. Utilization of incline feature.
7. Logo area (because we care you don’t forget us).
8. Accessible treadmill controls and accessories.
9. Manuscript holder for books, magazines, papers, etc.
10. Phone stand and file tray.
11. Stability support struts.
12. Robust metal support arms.
13. Cup holders (2).
14. Universal design that works with nearly any treadmill.

I don’t particularly see this becoming the norm in offices around the world in any way, but I wouldn’t mind to work on this desk a couple of hours every day, and if I use it while I’m blogging, that would be double work out. Marvellous!

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