The Sweet Tale of the Voice Behind the ‘Mind The Gap’ Announcement

Mind The Gap tells the true story of a loved tube announcer and his sweet widow, Margaret McCollum.

Margaret McCollum Mind the Gap Short-Film

Mind The Gap is a short film that tells the true story of a loved tube announcer and his sweet widow, Margaret McCollum, who would visit Embankment tube station years after his death to listen to his voice. Oswald Laurence, the voice behind the ‘Mind The Gap’ announcement first aired in the 1950’s at London tube stations and kept us safe for over 40 years, until it was replaced in November 2012.

His widow was so upset that she appeal with Transport for London bosses, who agreed to restore Oswald’s announcement and bring her husband’s voice back. They also gave her a recording of her husband’s announcement, so she can play it as much as she wants. A sweet tale that writer-director Luke Flanagan and his team capture in an equally sweet film.

Margaret McCollum Mind the Gap Short-Film

The seven minutes long video will catch your attention and win your heart with silent shots and beautiful soundtrack to register this iconic story, now part of everyday life of thousands of Londoners that travel in the Northern Line.

Here are some words from the director:

“We spent three days shooting the film, running around the platform at Barbican, waiting for opportunities to take the shots we needed. We had a non-professional permit so we could shoot anywhere on the tube but there were conditions: we couldn’t shoot in rush hour and were only allowed a tiny crew with no tripods. We did additional shots at Bank and Monument in the Waterloo and City link because we instantly fell in love with the tunnel there. The clear, white stainless steel was perfect because we didn’t want posters distracting from the story.”

This heartwarming film reminds us that the little things in life, the ones that sometimes pass us by unnoticed, are the most important ones, such as listing to a loved one’s voice when you no longer can. You can also follow Luke on Twitter and Instagram to keep up with his work.

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