The Internet Submarine Cable Network

The Internet Submarine Cable Network

The Internet is truly an amazing invention, it simplifies life for millions of people on a daily basis, all around the world, even the most remote locations across the planet. One thing most people may not think about it that in order to operate, the Internet uses a humoungous network of submarine cables and recently Huawei Marine announced an interactive map (which you can visit here) to show how this cables connect the many nations of the world. If you are curious, check out the video below which shows how these cables are laid in a highly technological operation:

One must always keep in mind that these cables are a essential for the way the Internet works, allowing a comprehensive traffic of information from anywhere to everywhere. In a way, it says a lot about how the world must learn to cooperate with people of all nations to simply maintain many of the digital privileges that we all take for granted. and This map shows the layout of these cables and the cities that connect them.

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