The Guy Who ‘Makes the Internet’ Talks About his Own Experience with Bullying

On the Topic of Bullying by Francis

I’ve stumbled on this fantastic video on the topic of bullying put together by Francis, a YouTuber also know by Boogie2988, who produces some of the most outrageously funny nerdy-style videos I ever have seen. If you haven’t seen him yet, here’s the one I find to be the funniest of them all. That being said, I want to bring your attention to a more serious video he made talking about the very much important topic of bullying.

I must admit that I agree with every single word he said, as I had my own personal experience with bullying at a young age, but I think you’ll agree with him too even if you have never experience that yourself. While I don’t have to deal with bullying anymore, I feel sick whenever I see any injustice of this sort. If you feel the same, or even if you don’t, watch the video below, as it has a very beautiful message and you’ll help to propagate the message.

Boogie2988 Talks About Bullying

Oh, and consider following @boogie2988 on Twitter, as to give Francis more support to continue doing such a great job. Keep up the good work Francis! 🙂

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