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The First Smail to Be Transmitted Across the Internet

The First Smail to Be Transmitted Across the Internet

The very first smail—that would be my own mix of smell and email—traveled across the Atlantic by means of, yes, you got it, the Internet, or at least claims the inventor of the oPhone, a brand new device imbued with a technology that allows it to send and receive odour messages.

The innovative messaging system connects fragrances picked from a scheme of scents to pictures and sends them through email, Skype or if you’re into social networks via Twitter. The transmission happened last Tuesday at an art center in Paris and was received by the American Museum of Natural History in New York, according to the LiveScience group that went to the event.

The First Smail to Be Transmitted Across the Internet

Christophe Laudamiel from the Le Laboratoire, a contemporary art and design center in Paris, photographed the bottle of champagne opened to celebrate the launching of the oPhone and sent out a message to another oPhone gadget found in New York city. Edwards and the engineering student Rachel Field dealt with the development of oPhone in Le Laboratoire to bring together science and art, and to promote oPhone, Edwards started the business Vapor Communications.

The smelly messages, officially referred as oNotes, are made up with the assistance of the iPhone application oSnap, available for download on the App Shop. The user creates mixes of 32 standard fragrances that can produce even more than 300,000 various scents.

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The message recipient can smell it with the oPhone device, which includes small cartridges with 32 standard aromas. Each scent lasts about 10 seconds, and if the message contains numerous aromas, the gadget recreates them one after another.

The system of scent remains mostly unknown, but it is estimated that the human nose can identify more than one trillion aromas. The creators of the scent-messaging platform have actually launched an Indiegogo project and you can preorder your own oPhone at a price of $ 149.

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