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The End of Justin TV

The End of Justin TV

Well, it seems that a bit of Internet has died today; the time has come for Justin TV, the life-streaming service founded by Internet extraordinaire Justin Kan was officially shutdown as it was expectedly overshadowed by its game broadcasting sister service Twitch.

A few years ago, Twitch was nothing but a video streaming site like Justin.tv, but with the more focus objective of helping users stream themselves playing video games.

Finally understanding that all of their types of videos other classifications united was not locating more viewers than this one category, Twitch spun in 2011 into a service of its own. By 2014, Twitch had grown so big the whole business was renamed as “Twitch Interactive.”

As of late July, those discussions were said to be either complete or nearing an ending; so far, none of the firms have made any official statement.

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