The Edge of Tomorrow is an Epic Sci-Fi Version of Groundhog Day

The Edge of Tomorrow

The Edge of Tomorrow

I’ve always been a big fan of Groundhog Day, and Bill Murray of course, so when I’ve learned that The Edge of Tomorrow was a sort of science fiction remake of the classic locked in one-day classic, I’ve known I had to watch it. The film takes place in the future where CNN’s Wolf Blitzer is able to make a brief appearance without looking a day over 20 years old. Aliens basically attack the Earth, in that crazy way aliens always do and try to conquer every country, one at a time. The people of the planet unite against the common enemy, and every civilian join the army to help the cause. That is exactly what happens to public relations spokesman William Cage played by Tom Cruise.

I wonder, is an alien threat the only way to get us stop fighting one another? Well, big serious questions aside, let me get back to my review, quite interesting stuff coming up.

After meeting with the army’s general, William Cage is assigned to an invasion plan taking place in France, yes, you got right if you’re thinking the beaches of Normandy. Cruise’s character has zero interest in joining what he believes to be a lost cause and try to blackmail the army commander, but quite obviously, the threat doesn’t work and he’s arrested for desertion and is forced to go. Moments after, he wakes up as a private, member of an army getting ready to engage the enemy.

Strapped to an interesting looking suit, powered by some form of an extremely powerful battery, he falls from a ship right in the middle of an epic battle in between humans and aliens. As expected, the human race is being slaughtered, quite horrifically, and Cage, well, he dies, but not without just moments before the end killing one alien that looked just a bit different from the others. That alien, the blue one, is the one that gets him to wake up back at the start, alive and well.

There is where the Groundhog Day fun starts, and he starts to repeat his day-to-day, the exact same way, again and again, until he meets a girl named Rita, played by the lovely Emily Blunt. She is an extremely efficient soldier know as the Full Metal Bitch—get the film reference here? She confides to him that she had the same experience, but no longer can relive the same day again and again.

The two work together to find a way to defeat the alien army. She trains Cage, he dies day after day getting stronger with the memories of previous days. Interestingly, we see Cage developing a certain disregard for fellow human lives as he knows that they will always be alive the day after. The end of the film, well, that’s something you have to see for yourself, but let’s just say that this is yet another film where the good guy wins at the end—not a big mystery here anyway.

The direction of Doug Liman does an impeccable job with an excellent photography and the chemistry brought by Blunt and Cruise has a great part in the whole of the story. This is the first time that Blunt play a strong fighter in an action movie, and she owes all to Liman for his wonderful directing and ability to bring the best out of her and every other character in the film. The Edge of Tomorrow is not the kind of science fiction movie that is going to make you rethink your entire life perspective, but surely is going to give a few hours of worthy entertainment.

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