Sweet Old Woman Waves at Passing by Students Every Day

Every day, for the past seven years, Tinney Davidson seats at her comfy armchair close to the front window of her home and warmly wave and smile to students from local Highland Secondary that are passing by her house on their way to and back from school. In an interview to a local news channel the 84-year-old lady said:

“I just like to look at the children. And they all looked in, so if they are looking in, I will wave to them. And that is how it started…I love it, and they seem to like it also, so you know, it has been a fun few years.”

The friendly lady became part of the kids’ day, they all expect to see her enthusiastic greeting in the mornings and evenings, and to show how important her kindness meant to them they surprised her with a day to remember.

They invited Mrs Davidson to the school where she was passionately welcome, presented with handcraft gifts, and heart-warming thanks messages. The sweet lady broke into tears and added that she was overwhelmed with the lovely reception.

Don’t you think we need more people such as Tinney Davidson to make life in this world a little bit brighter for people around us? I do, so picture me waving at you now, and saying have a nice day!

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