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Spiderman Chocolate Strawberry Does Whatever a Chocolate Strawberry Can

Spiderman Chocolate Strawberries Sticks

Spiderman Chocolate Strawberries Sticks

Created by mom-blogger Dácil from Little Cook, these strawberries and chocolate have always been a delicacy. So what if the children refuse to eat strawberries, healthy as they may be for them? Or what if everyone is tired of the boring old routine? Serve the strawberries with chocolate, and not just strawberries dipped in chocolate, make strawberries with a twist like Dacil. She implemented the genius idea of using dark and white chocolate to turn strawberries into Spider-Man masks, giving you Spider-Man Strawberries! Follow this link to find a new and innovate way to serve strawberries when you’re hosting a party for your children – stick a tooth pick into those Spider-Man Strawberries, put them in a dish, and you have a delicacy to serve to children!

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