Single Dad and Daughter Plant Tree in the Middle of Oxford Street

Neil Cornelius and daughter Arabella planted a tiny tree at Oxford Street to replaced a tree that had been vandalised.

Tree in Oxford Street and Cute Message From Arabela

Single Dad Neil Cornelius and his daughter Arabella, from London, are huge fans of gardening, they started with sunflowers, but soon they run out space in their garden, that was when they decided to plant some around the trees in the street where they live. Their neighbors loved the treat, and one can see little thank you notes they have left near the flowers. This positive response encouraged Neil and Bella to do something bigger. They decided to plant a tree at Oxford Street.

Neil Cornelius and Arabella

Neil would walk by the famous London street every day to work, so he noticed when one of the trees was vandalized and later taken by the council. And that the only thing left was a hole in the ground. He and Arabela also noticed that after a while the tree hadn’t been replaced and suddenly an idea had formed.

Arabela said to BBC Breakfast that there was just one empty hole in the sidewalk and it didn’t look very nice. So she used her own pocket money to buy a new tree, and her dad planted it for her.

Arabella then attached a cute message to the tree asking passersby to enjoy and respect it:

“Dear everyone, my name is Arabella Cornelius. I am 7. I have planted this tree here for everyone to watch it grow and enjoy. Please respect it as I bought it with my own money. Plus my daddy risked getting arrested planting it!”

Tiny Tree at Oxford Street

Neil said to Metro newspaper that all he wanted to do was to teach his daughter to do nice things without expecting anything in return, but the gesture went viral as members of the public noticed the tiny tree and started to share the story on social media.

Everyone now knows their kind gesture, including the local council, who thanked Neil and Bella for their thoughtful action. You can see more on this cute story by following Neil on Instagram.

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