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She Planned Her Own Proposal and Didn’t Even Know It

Tyson’s plan work like a charm and Hayley organized her own wedding proposal.

Hayley Tyson and Wedding Ring

Tyson J. Henderson is a funny character; he publishes curious and hilarious videos on YouTube. So when an important moment came to his life, he could not resist tricking his bride to be to take part in an amusing wedding proposal.

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He explained his idea to some family members and they tricked Hayley into thinking that she was organizing a surprise birthday party for Tyson when she was actually preparing her own engagement party. The plan came together nicely, all according to the plan, as you see in the video below. Hayley Finds Out Hayley and Tyson

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Tyson proposed, and Hayley could not be happier, nor surprised. It amuses me to see all the creativity behind wedding proposals these days. People do the most unexpected things, and I find it very lovable, to say the least. If you like watching this video, be sure to visit Tyson’s channel for more cute videos.

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