See What A Radio Host Does for a Lonely Elderly Man Who Called the Station

Bill Palmer

Bill Palmer

When Bill Palmer’s wife was forced to move into an old people’s home, the 95-year-old had nobody keeping him company at home. After Palmer became too lonely, he decided to call the BBC radio station because he wanted somebody he could talk to. But Alex Dyke, the radio host, suggested that they speak in person, and sent a cab to pick up Palmer from his house and take him to the studio. When Palmer told listeners what had just transpired, the telephone lines started ringing, and the old man suddenly found himself with many new friends who wanted to speak him. The radio host was roundly applauded for such a kind gesture, and some even shed a tear or two. One caller offered to hire a band to entertain the old man while others asked for him to be given a regular slot on air. Even though listeners could not see his smiling face, the happiness in his voice was enough proof.

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