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Reactions Explains Why Dogs Smell Each Other’s Bottoms So Much

Reactions Explains Why Dogs Smell Each Other's Bottoms So Much

Maybe you have a dog, or maybe you just live in an area where a lot of people have dogs. Ever wondered about those particular canine habits? Some of them are easier to place – how they growl, how they might play around, how they sometimes clean themselves, but … what about when they sniff each other’s butts? How can an animal with such a keen sense of smell do that?

Well, it’s a chemical and animal process that dogs do to communicate. When a dog takes a whiff of its canine compatriot’s rear it doesn’t just smell the rear – but it gets a feel for how the other dog has been eating, what the other dog might be feeling and here that dog’s been. They can get a short history of events from another canine just by poking their nose around! It’s just a matter of Fido’s biology.

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