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Project Spread Smiles and Happiness to Cancer Patients

“If only for a second” is a beautiful project by Mimi Foundation that help cancer patients forget, if only for a second, that they are sick.

Project Spread Smiles to Cancer Patients

Mimi Foundation is an organization created by Myriam Ullens de Schooten to help and support man and woman facing cancer, and they recently launched a wonderful project. They called it “If only for a second,” and its purpose is to make cancer patients feel, if only for a second, that they were free of cancer.

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Mimi Foundation If Only For a Second Project

Cancer Patients Makeover Revealed

Project Spread Happiness to Cancer Patients

A group of very lucky cancer patients was selected to received a beautiful and quite an unusual makeover. All perfectly planned by the Mimi Foundation staff. When the makeover was ready, all they have to do was open their eyes and see the transformation, while a photographer was patiently waiting to catch the perfect shot.

The moment they open their eyes and saw their new selves is more than inspiring is breathtaking. And just like that, they forget about their illnesses, and it doesn’t matter that it is only for a second.

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The project had a significant result, as one can imagine, and the patient’s reaction to the makeover is priceless. The Mimi Foundation really made a difference in the patient’s lives. They gathered all the pictures in a beautiful book that you can buy here, and by doing so, you will help support this amazing project.


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