Paintings by Andrew Salgado

Written by Ray Vellest on May 21, 2012. Posted under Art.

If One Man's Joy is Another Man's Sadness by Andrew Salgado

The Opposite of Intention by Andrew Salgado

A Shapeless Doubt by Andrew Salgado

Smoother by Andrew Salgado

This Wasn't my Weakness by Andrew Salgado

The Bacchanal by Andrew Salgado

Trust by Andrew Salgado

Fracture by Andrew Salgado

“I am interested in how my paintings might operate independently from their literal figurative foundation and engage with an exploration of color, reduction of forms, and triumph of substance as imbued with meaning and metaphor, overt, and suggestive. My practice is a process encumbered by the reduction of literalness in preference of a sensual and topographical painted surface. Through this process of discovery, I hope to create work that engages with a continuously forming language of painting and representation. By drawing attention to the tangibility of the work, I introduce extra-diegetic readings, pulling the viewer from the sutures of the represented subject and inviting readings beyond the confines of the painted picture.” – Andrew Salgado

Written by Ray Vellest

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