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North Korea Shin Dong-Hyuk’s Survivor Story

Shin Dong-Hyuk

After learning about Shin Dong-Hyuk’s story I cannot avoid wondering what is wrong with the world? Or even better, what is wrong with us? How is it possible, that in our current so-called modern society, we allow North Korea to maintain a political prison camp that punishes not only those who commit “political crimes” but also everyone from their families during three generations. Can you believe that, three generations?

Think about it for a while, really do, if you were unfortunate enough to be born in North Korea, even the slightest showcase of dislike of the current government would be enough to send you, your children and your grandchildren to a life sentence in prison.

Why? Didn’t we learned our lessons with Auschwitz? Why our leaders are not doing anything about it? Why we don’t see anything about that in the news? I’m shocked.

I’m just a small time blogger, and quite obviously, I can’t go there and solve this problem myself, so I hope this article will help to raise awareness about a problem that I believe we should be talking about and doing our best to solve as soon as possible. Please share.

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