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New Computer Virus Spreads Just Like the Common Cold

New Computer Virus Spreads Just Like the Common Cold

Researchers at Liverpool University created a new computer virus that behaves in a similar fashion to the common cold, literally spreading through the air, without even relying on a computer to do so. The virus was named “Chameleon ” uses WiFi networks to reach their victims.

The virus infect an access point collecting information from anyone who passes by it, you don’t even need to connect to the network to get infected, and it is smart enough ignore most protected systems, so,whenever stumbles upon encrypted information, the malware does not mind about discovering it and moves to the next target.

Alan Marshall, professor of network security at the University of Liverpool, explained to Mashable that the virus does not affect how the devices behave, he only collects and sends the information contained therein, then use the machines to get to other WiFi networks and continue spreading. Just like the flu, it acts faster in more populated regions.

As the Chameleon is allocated on the access point, not a computer, a smartphone, nor a tablet; conventional security solutions are not able to fight it. This new technology is really scary, and it can be used to disrupt networks worldwide. The good news is that the virus only exists in a laboratory, and researchers are also developing a vaccine for it.

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