Mom and Son Built Fairy Houses in the Woods and the Result Is Magical

Meet the fairy trail in New Jersey built with so much care by mother and son and fall in love with their story.

Mother and Son Built Fairy Houses in The Woods for Many Years

What if there was a place where fairies could actually exist in the eyes of kids. Thanks to a very gentle mother and son, this place really exist. The Rahway Trail in the South Mountain Reservation in Millburn, New Jersey is now magical with little fairy houses everywhere you look.

All started 5 yeas ago when mom Therese Ojibway decided to bring back to life an old habit and started to build little fairy houses in hidden-like places such as an old tree trunk along the reservation pathway. The idea was to create a magical environment where people, in particular kids, could express themselves

Mother and Son Built Fairy Houses in The Woods for Many Years Therese is also a special-education teacher and has an autistic son, so she knows how important this space is for her son. In fact, they are regular visitors of the reservation for over 22-years. The woods is a place where Colin, Therese’s son, can be himself, explore nature, have fun and don’t worry about what others are thinking of him.

He can express himself, and he definitely enjoys looking after the fairy houses and creating new ones. Over the years, they’ve left 20-30 of the fairy houses, and it has inspired others to do the same. Many families now visit the reservation to build their own dwelling for the fairies.

Mother and Son Built Fairy Houses in The Woods for Many Years

The houses are built of nature-made resources to maintain the rough features of the forest around them. Helping the kids to use their vivid imagination to create a fairy corner out of whatever they can find in the landscape.

Therese and Colin visit the trail often to make repairs to the houses and enjoy the new hidden-houses that appear every week. She also found the kids would write letters to the fairies and leave them inside the houses, and she kindly does her best to reply to all of them, sometimes getting out of her way to leave a little fairy surprises on their porch.

Mother and Son Built Fairy Houses in The Woods for Many Years

The whole concept is really magical and does wonders to the kids that get to explore the trail, play in the woods, and find out that there are more to it than just watching TV, playing on tablets or mobile phones, so she encourages parents to take their kids to the reservation.

You can find more information on the New Jersey fairy trail here, but know that wherever you are, with a simple and quick online search you can find a trail near you. So go explore the woods and let your kids get their hands dirty.

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