Miss Iceland Votes with Her Feet and Quit Miss Grand International Against Fat-Shaming

Arna Yr Jonsdottir Miss Iceland

Arna Yr Jonsdottir Miss Iceland

What would you do if you were body-shamed while participating in a beauty contest’? Well, if you’re the reigning Miss Iceland, you’d vote with your feet and quit the competition. On October 24, 2016, Miss Area Yr Jónsdóttir left the Miss Grand International, a world-famous beauty contest that was being held in Las Vegas.

The owner of the beauty contest, Nawat Itsaragrisil, allegedly told Miss Jónsdóttir that she didn’t stand a chance of winning because of being too fat. She was advised to skip eating breakfast in the days preceding the competition, and to restrict her meals to salads and plain water. But Jónsdóttir was having none of it, and she decided to make a mark by standing up for herself and women everywhere.

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Jónsdóttir recently talked about the incident in a Facebook post.

“I intend to stand up for myself, women everywhere, and the Icelandic people,” she wrote. “I will not let them tell me I am too fat to look good on stage. I have quit. I will not be taking part in Miss Grand In­ternati­onal.”

Her decision received approval from many people who said it was such a disgrace the way they treated her:

“It’s a big disgrace how they [treated] you, not only for you, but to a lot of other younger girls,” wrote one fan, The Daily Beast reported. “Wrong signal. You’re beautiful and please never change! We love you just like you are.”

But others were less than complimentary, accusing her of double standards for quitting a contest which sole purpose is to judge people by their looks.

“Wait,” wrote one Redditor. “She competes in international beauty contests, but this is where she draws the line against normative beauty standards?”

“So you’re okay with being in a contest where you’re solely judged on your looks,” wrote another, “but only so long as they say nice things about you?”

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