Masa Song Donates 4-Feet-Long Hair in Honor of Her Mom Who Died from Lung Cancer

Masa Song Cutting Hair for Cancer

Masa Song Cutting Hair for Cancer

Long or short, curly or straight, ponytails or locks, just to name a few of the wonderful ways girls wear their hair. There is something about women with their hair. Most believe that it’s one of their most important accessories, and are willing to do whatever it takes to keep it looking good every day.

In 2013, Masa Song, a student at Stamford Collegiate in Canada was among the ladies who treasure their hair. She had been born with such voluminous locks that the doctor confessed to having never seen such long, thick and beautiful hair in his career. Masa never thought that a time would come when she would trim let alone cut off her hair which had grown to her ankles in a span of 16 years.

At the age of 12, her mother who had been braiding her hair every single morning passed away from lung cancer. Her mum hid the illness from her to avoid distracting her daughter’s focus at school. Four years after her mum’s death, Masa left China for Canada as an exchange student. Masa who hopes to train as a lawyer learned of programs that use donated hair to make wigs for children while in Canada.

Inspired by her mother’s memory, Masa decided to donate her 4-feet hair. Realizing that her hair can help a cancer survivor, she donated it as a thoughtful way of honoring her mum. Donating hair is one of the most personal donations someone can make.

Masa Song Long Hair

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