Mac Lethal Sings Rap Written by 11-Year-Old Kid About Bullying

Mac Lethal Sings Rap Written by 11-Year-Old Kid About Bulling

Kansas City-based rapper Mac Lethal, who has a reputation for ultra-fast deliveries, received a rap written by an 11-year-old kid which tells a terrible story about bullying.

Isaac used to be friends with a kid named Thomas, and they used to do all sorts of things that kids do, but recently Thomas started to bully him, both physically and verbally. Isaac is upset with Thomas, but he still cares about his friend, and that’s how the found a way to show it.

Watch Mac Lethal below delivering this powerful message:

It’s truly sad, but bullying like this is still very common. The StopBulling agency ran by the Department of Education stated that 28% of students from grades 6 to 12 have experienced bullying with more than 70% of kids saying that they have seen it in their schools.

Ending bullying is not an easy task, but when schools and communities work together, including students, families, and teaching staff, we start to see some promising results.

If you are a student, a parent, a teacher, or who knows, even a famous rapper, be sure to stand together with your community to build a culture of love and understanding. When we work together, we can put an ending to bullying, be it for Isaac, or any other kid out there.

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