Just Checking by Cheerios

Cheerios, Just Checking

Cheerios, Just Checking

I don’t particularly like supporting brands here on WoordUp, unless I really do believe in what they are doing, and after watching this commercial by Cheerios, and read a huge amount of poppycock being said by old thinking bigoted ignorant folk in the comment area of the video on YouTube, I have one thing to say:

—Buy this product right now! Buy Cheerios today, buy it every day!

If you can’t quite catch the importance of that, watch the videos below, starting by the commercial itself, then a brilliant analysis made by some of the most intelligent people of the world, and finally, my notes right below both videos.

Now, did you like this? Yes? So think about it for a moment.

If you can, buy a few boxes of Cheerios, tell your family and friends about it, ask them to do the same and let the number of sales of Cheerios after this commercial boom to levels never before imagined. Let these numbers become the harsh proof that the world is actually a much better place than some people want us to believe it to be. If that happen, more companies will follow, they will choose to spread messages of love, simply because is profitable, and you, can make this choice with your wallet, you just need to do it.

Thanks Cheerios, that was courageous, I’ve worked within the advertising industry for years, and I understand how that was actually a quite a bold choice, but you know what? It was totally worthy, and I hope you—that means everyone involved with it—keep on pushing the lines even further, taking us to a better future. Simply awesome!

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