Joyful Anna Swabey Dies a Day Before Her Wedding, But Left a Beautiful Inspiring Story Behind

Anna Swabey

Anna Swabey

Anna Swabey was a cancer patient that had found the love of her life Andy Bell who they were to get married a day before she died.

She was an optimistic lady despite being terminally ill as she had been diagnosed with hostile brain tumor in January 2015.

She had completed the University of Portsmouth and become a designer manager. She later decided to become a blogger and raise charity to assists people with serious medical conditions.

Anna Swabey met Andy Bell when she was diagnosed with the serious condition working as a charity worker.

Radiotherapy and chemotherapy were used to prolong her life where she got engaged in December 2015. She was very excited to get married to Andy although she died a day before her wedding. Her family indicated that she was very happy to die having met the love of her life and spend memorable times with him. The experience of Anna inspired many to handle their life problems by being optimistic and hopeful about the future.

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