It’s Not About the Nail Short Film by Jason Headley

It's Not About the Nail Short Film by Jason Headley

Written and directed by San Francisco-based self-proclaimed storyteller Jason Headley, “It’s not about the nail” is a short-film which will either give you a mild laugh or entirely disgust you, and in truth, I’m not quite sure what to make of it yet. While it was a little amusing, specially in regards to a very witty comment about sweaters, but I’m not fond of mean spirited comedies, and this video seems to be pretty sexist.

The words of Headley himself seems to confirm the tone as he go describing his production by saying that every man has heard these words, they are the law of the land, no matter what. Well, I’m not so sure. Am I the only one thinking this video makes women look like complete fools? Perhaps this sort of production is actually helping to perpetuate a sort of sexist attitude that we shouldn’t accept anymore. What do you think?

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  1. Cynics unite on the internet. No surprise that cynics miss the deeper cultural message that men have been culturally and socially prescribed the roll of fixit. Enter humor, Therefore he responds stereotypically to the issue as he sees it, what else could he do? A little imagination allows the nail to be any topic that is aggravating yet un identifiable, such as idiopathic anxiety. To which a part of the path out, is to narrate. Come on people, are you tracking?

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