In Order to Honor Her Stillborn, Wendy Donated 16 Gallons of Breast Milk

Wendy Cruz-Chan

Wendy Cruz-Chan

A disaster can either bring the best or the worst in a human.

Luckily, for Wendy Cruz-Chan she demonstrated to the whole world what a great mother she would have been if her son Killiam had not been taken away by a deadly uterine infection.

In October 2016, Wendy’s heart was broken into pieces once she realized that her 19-week-old boy could only be stillborn. That situation didn’t deter her from doing good as she successfully put her depression at bay.

Wendy and her sweetheart agreed that the best way to honor their Killiam was by donating her milk to other moms with children instead of wasting it.

For 3 months, her body kept producing breast milk every few hours and finally, she was able to give out 16 gallons of milk to needy babies.

Oh, wait a minute! That wonderful story did end there.

Once Wendy stopped producing breast milk, the proud mother started campaigns to improve medical care for the stillborn in hospitals around the world.

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