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Heartwarming Video of Three-year-old Special Haircut

Emily James is a bright 3-year-old that decided to do something simply inspiring with her beautiful long hair.

Emily James

Canadian Emily James is a cute and happy three-year-old little girl, she loves all girly things including her locks, the movie Tangled and her Rapunzel doll. So, when Emily’s parents suggested that she cut her hair and donate to a charity that makes wigs for kids, they were not sure how the little one would react.

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Emily's Doll Having a Hair Cut

Emily James Cutting Her Hair

They showed her pictures of cancer patients and of girls with a short hairstyle, and they also explain that her hair would grow up back again, but that would take a long time. When they finally asked if she wanted to go ahead with it, Emily said yes, as long as her Rapunzel doll had a haircut too. And as you can see in the video below, she explains very well why she wants to cut her hair:

“I don’t want any kids to be sad that they have no hair. What I want to do is give them my hair.”

Emily Holding the Envelope Containing Her Hair

Emily’s positive and enthusiastic thoughts are really inspiring, and she is also super cute. Her inspiring haircut will certainly win your heart. And as for Emily’s parents, here is what her father, Richard James had to say:

“What we are most proud of as her parents is that Emily has accepted an opportunity to give what she had a lot of to others who could use it more. Emily brings so much joy into our lives. She is spunky, rambunctious and keeps us laughing. We love that others are finding joy in her little spirit.”

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Emily’s hair was donated to the Canadian Cancer Society, where it will be used to create a free wig for a pediatric cancer patient. It will certainly make another little girl as happy as Emily James and her doll Rapunzel.

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