Graffiti Brasil Book Graphic Street Art

Written by Ray Vellest on February 16, 2011. Posted under Art.

Graffiti Brasil Book Graphic Street Art Book

Graffiti Brasil Book Graphic Street Art

Graffiti Brasil Book Graphic Street Art

Graffiti Brasil Book Graphic Street Art

Graffiti Brasil Book Graphic Street Art

Graffiti Brasil is the book to introduce you to the Brazilian graffiti scene. With in depth stories of the worldwide recognised Gêmeos — that’s Portuguese for twins — as well as lots of other interesting local artists.

Written by Tristan Manco, the author of Stencil Graffiti and Street Logos; Ignacio Aronovich and Louise Chin, who run the amazing Brazilian photography site Lost Art; and Caleb Neelon aka Sonik, a great writer in both senses of the word.

The photos above are not from the book, I couldn’t find any suitable editorial photo to use online and didn’t want to scan the inside of the book, but they give you a great idea of what you can expect from it.

Excerpt from Graffiti Brasil website:

From the startlingly distinctive achievements of the internationally renowned twin-brother painters Os Gêmeos to the visual powers of the ubiquitous daredevil Pichadores, Brazil’s graffiti captivates with entirely fresh ideas, techniques, and messages. [more]

Written by Ray Vellest

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