Ekki Múkk Valtari Mystery Film Experiment is Sigur Rós Most Hypnotic Music Video

Aiden Gillan on Ekki Mukk

Sigur Rós latest film, the Valtari Mystery Film Experiment, is now the tenth of a series of films where the Icelandic music group granted a group of directors unrestrained control to create a film for one of their songs.

The video for this particularly hypnotic and highly memorable composition entitled Ekki Múkk, was directed by Nick Abrahams starring Aiden Gillan (an actor you’ll eventually recognize from the Game of Thrones) in the character of a man lost in the countryside, befriending a snail and meeting a fox.

In the way you should expect of Sigur Ros’s music, the 10-minute video, where the voice of the snail is given by renowned British folk musician Shirley Collins, is highly expressive and utterly peaceful. Nonetheless, it has a quite chilling and disturbing side too, with the stop-motion decay of the body of a dead fox, which certainly is not fake.

Here’s what the director has to say about making this video:

I had an idea that the British countryside could be the most alien landscape, more amazing than any special effects, and wanted to capture that feeling of amazement you get when watching a great wildlife documentary, whilst also telling a small fable.

The decaying fox sequence was there in the script from the start. First of all we had to source a dead fox – which entailed some rather odd posts by me on Facebook requesting anyone seeing dead foxes to contact me.

Finally one was found in a field, and I picked it up and drove it down to Bristol where it was shot decomposing on 3 cameras by Martin over a period of about a month in a carefully controlled environment. Later in post, the kind people at Rain in Soho removed a whole heap of flies to make it more of a beautiful sequence – and we added the camera moves in the edit to give it a more poetic feel.

Watch Ekki Múkk below:

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