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Cosmic Pro Energy Wristwatch Eliminates Negativity from Life

Cosmic Pro Wrist Watch

Cosmic Pro Wrist Watch

Health, peace, wealth and prosperity are goals which everyone in some way or other wants to attain in life. All of us want to eliminate negativity from our lives and fill it positivity. From ages, stars have beenheld responsible for their positive and negative impacts on human’s happy or miserable life. The significant role of time and planets on our lives is now a well-established factwithreligious teachings, spiritual lessons and modern science supporting the fact. Studying and analyzing all these facts, a Company NextGenMart has created a unique timepiece that is designed to fill your life with positive energy by binding together the four essential elements which everybody is seeking in their lives.

Christened “Cosmic Pro”, the super energy wristwatch is end result of a detailed research on “The Theory of Planetary Motion and Time” and it has a huge impact on human behavior and their surroundings. This self-coherent device has been documented with proven live experimented examples showing how it has constructively revolutionized the lives of people.

Embedded with genuine jewels that symbolize the Nine Planets of the Universe, “Cosmic Pro” wrist watches are based on the principle of Cosmic Energy harvesting. Super power jewels are known widely to harness and retain cosmic power, therefore you can perceive that the watch will provide you with necessary positive energy to achieve health, wealth, peace and prosperity.

The “Cosmic Pro” wrist watch is crafted with a specific purpose of eliminating negativity from your life and bless you with the positive aura of the planets. The timepiece comes in astonishing range of Stylish Quartz & Mechanical series of watches. Designed for both men and women, this extraordinary rare watch perfectly combines craftsmanship and elegance.

The watch comes with a quartz automatic movement and a long lasting Golden Strap with ZZKT. However, on specific individual’s demand, a special mechanical variant of the watch can also be crafted, which works entirely on the movement of the wearer’s wrist. Working without any battery backup, this watch is a perfect blend of human movement, time movement and planets movement.

The basic Cosmic Pro Watch modelis equipped with nine gems while another model, the Cosmic Pro Watch -Exclusively for You is fitted with twelve gems on each time digit. This watch is made to an individual’s date of birth to attract positive energy and eliminate any negativity from the body and surroundings. This variant also comes with Day, Date & 24 Hour indicator function. Cosmic Pro is available in eight models; other variants include, the Planet HWP Watch, Cosmic Pro Watch Mechanical Movement Plus, Cosmic Pro Transparent Watch – Mechanical Movement and Cosmic Pro Transparent Watch- Mechanical Movement Plus.

The “Cosmic Pro” wrist watch project is all set to hit the crowd funding website Indiegogo to raise funds for its mass production. The watch is expected to be available from November 2014 onwards with an estimated price ranging from $69 USD to $225 USD. Via The Geeky Globe.

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