Hi there! So, you want to become a Woordup writer uh? That’s great, and we’re truly humbled you chose to submit your well-crafted words to our collective digital magazine. Woordup is all about collective work, and we value every single contribution we receive, whether is a full-length article on your specialty, a collection of inspiring photographs or even a short opinion on your favorite topic.

If you have something to say, and you’re looking for a place build up for community to do that, then we’ll love to have you join our team of collaborators. Woordup is more than anything else a friendly community, where every single writer is highly respected, and we have a special place in our hearts for those of you who contribute with smart, funny and popular articles.

The Benefits of Writing for Woordup (or Why should you do it)

We don’t hide the fact we love to have you on board, as Woordup is the result of a community of great writers; we’re always looking for writers to join our team. However, it’s now all about us; on a matter of fact, there are plenty of benefits for you too:

  • Your writings are going to be viewed by thousands of our daily visitors.
  • You will get friendly feedback on your work by our friendly community of writers.
  • You’ll get a biography box at the end of each article to promote yourself and your website.
  • You will promote yourself, and your work amongst our community of readers.

What should you write about on Woordup?

While we are happy to accept almost any type of subject you may want to write about, Woordup is an online magazine mostly oriented to open-minded creative professionals, we hope to inspire and share stuff that is worth being talked about.

These are the types of articles we are most interested on:

Inspirational. Articles made up of photographs, showcase of portfolios, examples of great artwork and any other visual material to satisfy a visual inspirational fix.

Motivational. Articles covering stories of real people overcoming their own difficulties and coming out on top through their own efforts of the help of good-hearted folks.

Technology. Articles talking about the development of new technologies, the vision for future technologies and those awesome gadgets that we love to talk about.

Tutorials. Articles about graphic design, web design and web development with tips, advice, step-by-step tutorials, techniques or any other helpful advice.

Freebies. Articles with free wallpapers, icons, textures, templates or any other type of freebie that may prove to be handy to fellow designers out in the world.

Social Media. Articles covering news, tips, advice or anything related to social media.

Funny. Articles with funny text and image to put a smile in the face of our readers.

What Woordup Require from You? (or Do You Qualify?)

WoordUp is a very welcoming community, and we’re very friendly too, but in order to maintain a high level of quality in our online magazine, we do have a few essential requirements for your submissions. Essentially, that helps to keep our website filled with high-quality content, and ultimately that also benefits you.

So, before you submit your articles to our editorial team, please take the time to make sure you are writing in accordance to our requirements. We only accept original content; that means, content that have never been published elsewhere, either online or offline.

  • The article must have a minimum of 300-400 words in length.
  • The article must be free of grammar, spelling and other types of writing mistakes.
  • The article must not contain any kind of affiliate links.
  • The article must be interesting, informative and nice to read.

You must agree that our editorial team will reserve the right to freely edit your article to ensure its in line with WoordUp editorial line.

So, How do I Become a Woordup Writer?

So did you read and understood all the above? Great! Are you eager to enter our friendly community of writers? Amazing! Now, it’s easy, get in touch with our editor in chief through our contact page, and we will get back to you in the drop of a hat. Oh, and if you don’t have much experience in writing, don’t be shy, we will be glad to help you develop and grown your skills.