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Canada’s Science World Clever Adverts and Billboards

Two Most Common Fears Clowns and Heights

Cat Pee Glows Under Black Light

A Blue Whale's Heart is the Size of this Car

Mosquitoes Love the Colour Blue

Sharks Can Live to be 100

Tigers Will Use a Litter Box

A Beaver Can Cut Down 200 Trees a Year

You Farth a Ballon Worth of Gas a Day

Lightning Strikes 100 Times Every Second

Two Ounces of Gold Can Cover a Billboard

Pearls can Weight Up to Six Kilos

Diamonds Aren't All that Rare

You Grow 121 Feet of Hair Every Day

Humans are Allergic to Mosquitoe Spit

You Swallow a Litre of Snot Every Day

You Get Taller in Space

You Weigh Less on the Way Down

Your Body Contain Enough Carbon to Fill 9000 Pencils

Japan Gets 1500 Earthquakes per Year

I’m not a big of advertisements, and actually, on a matter of fact, there’s very little else in the world that I like less than adverts. I know that sounds terribly contradictory coming from someone who works in the marketing industry, but hey, that’s how I feel about them, and I see no reason to hide that away. However, every now and then, and I love when that happens, there is a an advertisement which really captures my attention and that’s exactly what these ads created to promote Canada’s Science World made me feel. These adverts are pure awesomesauce exploring super interesting facts to promote something truly worth promoting.

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