Brian Hull Records an Awesome Cover Of ‘Let It Go’ Using Disney and Pixar Characters Voices

Brilliant performance by Brian Hull and the 21 voices of Disney and Pixar characters he does in his cover of ‘Let It Go’.

Brian Hull Singing as Timon From the Lion King

Anyone who has not yet heard of the song “Let It Go” from Disney’s newest animated movie, “Frozen,” had probably been living under a rock. This song is so popular that kids and even adults are smitten by its catchy lyrics and bouncy melody.

In fact, it is so popular that a lot of covers have been uploaded to Youtube. These versions of the song are circulating the internet as rapidly as wildfire, such as this one, (the best of them if you ask me). Voice over artist Brian Hull performs 21 voices of Disney and Pixar characters in just under 4 minutes.

Brian Hull Singing as Winnie The Pooh

Brian Hull Singing as Dug From Up

The whole performance is remarkable. And incredibly funny as Brian picked voices from popular Disney and Pixar movies characters to do his cover. The voices are so perfect that if you close your eyes, you can clearly see our beloved characters singing in your mind.

The rendition is really astounding. Brian’s work is truly impressive as this looks like a complex composition to put together. You can almost guess that it took a long time to get it right, but Brian did it. Practice does make it perfect after all. You can follow Brian’s covers on his YouTube channel, right here.

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