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Brett Domino Easy Guide Proves that Anyone Can Make a Hit Pop Song

Brett Domino Singing You Look Sexy When You do That

Music isn’t a formula, is it? It’s art, not a science — right?

You might just be surprised. Brett Domino comes to you with the secrets of making a hit pop song – from the instrumental hook required to slip into the mind of the listener and stay there so they’re always thinking of the song to the studio magic that inserts different kinds of productions right into the song. The human brain is a complex thing, but musicians and people have learned that certain tunes and combinations stick more than others.

If you liked this one, Brett when on to create a extension of this guide:

Making a pop song might not be as hard as you think – and while it’s reasonable to want to say that music can’t have a simple template where you simply slot in auditory aspects, the truth is far different from what we want.

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