Amazing Fingerstyle Guitar Solo by Thomas Leeb

Fall in love with the beautiful and unique music of self-taught musician Thomas Leeb

Amazing Fingerstyle Guitar Solo by Thomas Leeb

Ever heard of Thomas Leeb? If not, you don’t know what you’re missing, this guy is a legend, but don’t worry, you’re in the right place! Thomas Leeb is one of the few self-taught musicians who has made their way in the music industry without attending music classes.

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Amazing Fingerstyle Guitar Solo by Thomas Leeb

Amazing Fingerstyle Guitar Solo by Thomas Leeb

You can easily distinguish his music from other musicians as his style is unique, seriously, you’re going to have a hard time finding someone as talented as him. Furthermore, he has been heralded by famous people like David Gilmore of Pink Floyd as having a lovely sound.

While he has never attended a single guitar class, he has studied at the California Institute of Arts which likely provided him with a rich inspirational background to create his own style. Watch him play in the above video, and you’ll notice how the has added percussion techniques to his style that set him apart from the crowd, the result is truly amazing, to say the least.

Moreover, he has helped to inspire the film by the name August Rush, which I haven’t watched yet, but it looks like is fascinating, it features Robin Williams with a funny hat, watch the trailer below:

Thomas’ music is really beautiful, and his story is nothing less than pure inspiration to all of us that ever thought twice about learning something from scratch. It only shows to all of us that all is possible if you put the time and effort.

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