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Woordup is an online magazine created and passionately curated by Ray Vellest, a London-based entrepreneur, and blogger with an almost not healthy obsession with posting a wide range of interesting articles, especially inspiring stories of people who succeed despite it all.

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If you consider yourself to be some sort of awesome person, then we’ll love to hear from you! If you know of something really awesome that should be featured on our site, then by all means, send us your suggestion! But if you want to contribute with a few posts every now and then, that would be super awesome, check this page, we’ll take it from there.

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There are a few blogs that would pay for your contribution, and while we love to be able to do that too, we’re still very young. With that said, we hope you still feel compelled to contribute, after all we’re all very nice people over here! 🙂


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