6-Year-Old Aaralyn and Brother Izzy Performing their Song 'Zombie Skin'


6-Year-Old Aaralyn and Brother Izzy Performing their Song ‘Zombie Skin’

This is awesome, and in a matter of fact, this is so fantastic, so brilliant, in so many ways that I don’t even know where to start. These two kids are Aaralyn and Izzy a brother and sister, drummer and singer, duo performing Zombie Skin, a type of music that will surprise you, to say the least. I guess the first thing that comes to my mind is the fact that these kids, brother, and sister, must be living in one of the best households of the world, with the most awesome parents. Just think about it for a moment, there’s nothing like having the freedom to just be yourself and pursue whatever you would like to do, especially when other people may think that what you like to do is a bit strange.

While I prefer to listen to something a bit less angry, such as Sigur Ros,–which by-the-way I must have mentioned hundreds of times already–I once, back in my teenage years, was quite into heavy metal, which is not quite what they are doing but I can safely say is reasonably close to it, and even though I wouldn’t add Zombie Skin to my favorite playlist, I must say that I quite like it, in a way, is a lovely song.

It would be amazing if they continue working on their talents to create a successful band, but even if they don’t do it, I’m sure they will grown to become very confident human beings, and most likely extremely happy adults. I suppose is the most important thing I get from them, and I hope that one day, by the time that I become a father myself, I have the wisdom to be as supportive as their parents show to be.

When will a dependence racket the young cathedral?

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