The End of WoordUp

The End is just a beginning of another story

Hello there friends!

I had the best of times working on WoordUp, but after all these years, the time has come for me to end WoordUp.

This website helped me to learn valuable lessons on the dos and dont’s—mostly the dont’s really—of how to build an online business, how to create value online, and how to create a brand that matters.

As much as it hurts to bring WoordUp to an end, I’m excited about the prospects of using what I learned on an even more exciting website.

Thanks for everyone who has been around following WoordUp for all these years, you guys are my reason of being.

— Ray Vellest (@rayvellest), Editor-in-Chief

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Kurtis Blow Rapping for Christmas

This awesome vintage video where Kurtis Blow raps a Christmas song comes straight out of a 1980’s version of the Top of the Pops, a British music-centred television show with one the best of the best of the time. The tune is great, the lyrics too, but is the upbeat that puts a smile on my face, I hope it has the same effect on you. Happy Christmas! :)