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  • We Wish You a Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas Sign

    This year was a very special for all of us here on WoordUp, we’ve talked about so many interesting things, we loved every bit, and loved that you visited us, shared our posts, and left some of the most supportive comments ever. So in this Christmas time, we want to wish you the best of wishes, and hope you have a fantastic holiday time.

    Merry Christmas everyone!

  • The Honest Coca-Cola Obesity Commercial

    We’ve all seen the commercials put out by the pop company Coca-Cola – but what if we saw a commercial that not only displayed their products, but also talked about the dangers of their soda?

    We’d be shocked. A commercial put together from Coke ads talks about the dangers of their products – and it’s not just the main products. Diet is just as bad for you. Diet cola products come with a plethora of health risks, and the normal products come with high amounts of calories from sugar products – high amounts which are unhealthy and dangerous for the human body.

    You’d feel crazy if you saw something like this on TV – and, if you drank coke, you’d probably cut it out of your diet in a heartbeat. Maybe you should.

  • Turn Down for Spock by Danny Rogers

    YouTube user Danny Rogers was inspired by a Reddit’s channel entitled Star Trek Stabilized so he created his own version of it. In this video, a funny background music is going to make you want to dance, you can see how much graphics and camera direction contribute to the making of a movie. If the cameras are stabilized, you can clearly see what the actors are doing for their parts in the movie. The actors’ movements and the background music have been synced, resulting in a hilarious gag-reel of sorts for all Star Trek fans out there. Want to know how all the turbulent parts of the movie were filmed? Take a look at this video and find out for yourself – you might not be able to watch Star Trek the same way ever again.

  • Spiderman Strawberry Treats by Little Cook

    Spiderman Strawberry Treats by Little Cook

    Created by mom-blogger Dácil from Little Cook, these strawberries and chocolate have always been a delicacy. So what if the children refuse to eat strawberries, healthy as they may be for them? Or what if everyone is tired of the boring old routine? Serve the strawberries with chocolate, and not just strawberries dipped in chocolate, make strawberries with a twist like Dacil. She implemented the genius idea of using dark and white chocolate to turn strawberries into Spider-Man masks, giving you Spider-Man Strawberries! Follow this link to find a new and innovate way to serve strawberries when you’re hosting a party for your children – stick a tooth pick into those Spider-Man Strawberries, put them in a dish, and you have a delicacy to serve to children!

  • Assassin’s Creed Unity Meets Parkour in Real Life

    Assassin’s Creed – a video game published by French video game company Ubisoft, developed by their Montreal studio – has captured the world with its mix of historical fiction, insane parkour, science-fiction, beautiful graphics and landscapes and, for some, its compelling story, and its newest iteration – Unity – takes place during the French Revolution. It’s the kind of series to spark the imagination … so it isn’t much of a surprise that – around the world – groups have decided to re-enact some parts of the game in costume and style.

    A group of filmmakers and parkour athletes came together to make a short film – in France! – which displays a two soldiers of the French Revolution pursued by four assassins in their distinctive garb. If you’ve thought that some of the stunts displayed in Assassin’s Creed were almost hard to believe, take a look at this.

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